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LHC VOs. March 2019 - February 2020.

The following table shows the distribution of grouped by REGION and DATE. The units are based in multiples of 1000, instead of 1024 as usual in solid state and memory devices.
REGION Mar 2019 Apr 2019 May 2019 Jun 2019 Jul 2019 Aug 2019 Sep 2019 Oct 2019 Nov 2019 Dec 2019 Jan 2020
AfricaArabia0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB0.10 TB
AsiaPacific13.10 PB13.23 PB12.82 PB7.39 PB7.25 PB7.06 PB7.10 PB2.47 PB1.61 PB1.66 PB1.73 PB
NGI_CH0.63 PB0.62 PB0.60 PB0.59 PB0.59 PB0.60 PB0.60 PB0.60 PB0.54 PB0.47 PB0.43 PB
NGI_CHINA0.71 PB0.73 PB0.74 PB0.76 PB0.68 PB0.33 PB0.28 PB0.28 PB0.28 PB0.30 PB0.33 PB
NGI_CZ2.28 PB2.34 PB2.21 PB2.59 PB2.37 PB5.30 PB2.15 PB2.26 PB2.26 PB2.27 PB2.26 PB
NGI_DE68.30 PB70.06 PB70.09 PB69.88 PB71.78 PB70.64 PB72.09 PB73.93 PB73.38 PB75.48 PB76.58 PB
NGI_FRANCE61.20 PB62.66 PB63.01 PB62.81 PB63.78 PB64.78 PB63.36 PB67.77 PB69.24 PB66.88 PB68.80 PB
NGI_GRNET147.43 TB143.17 TB155.64 TB163.64 TB159.80 TB158.94 TB168.57 TB159.95 TB166.95 TB167.29 TB166.65 TB
NGI_HU0.76 PB0.77 PB0.80 PB0.89 PB0.85 PB0.83 PB0.84 PB0.84 PB000
NGI_IBERGRID24.76 PB24.85 PB22.98 PB23.35 PB23.32 PB23.68 PB1.88 PB1.89 PB1.91 PB1.89 PB1.91 PB
NGI_IT4.34 PB2.86 PB2.69 PB2.76 PB2.73 PB3.86 PB5.23 PB5.71 PB5.98 PB5.63 PB5.87 PB
NGI_NDGF23.09 PB23.08 PB22.40 PB21.70 PB21.98 PB21.22 PB22.45 PB21.59 PB21.72 PB12.03 PB4.18 PB
NGI_NL24.67 PB24.32 PB24.61 PB23.48 PB24.51 PB24.80 PB25.13 PB25.20 PB13.83 PB15.23 PB24.70 PB
NGI_PL1.93 PB1.96 PB2.00 PB2.11 PB2.06 PB1.13 PB1.08 PB1.00 PB0.57 PB0.92 PB1.47 PB
NGI_RO0.33 PB1.71 PB1.78 PB1.78 PB1.77 PB1.77 PB01.68 PB1.53 PB1.57 PB1.66 PB
NGI_SK0.93 PB0.52 PB0.53 PB0.52 PB0.48 PB0.48 PB0.52 PB0.53 PB0.46 PB0.43 PB0.34 PB
NGI_TR1.03 PB1.07 PB1.09 PB1.10 PB1.08 PB1.01 PB1.05 PB1.11 PB1.07 PB1.13 PB0.79 PB
NGI_UA00.51 PB0.59 PB0.71 PB0.72 PB0.73 PB0.74 PB0.74 PB0.75 PB0.74 PB0.73 PB
NGI_UK9.39 PB9.33 PB9.53 PB9.08 PB9.42 PB9.00 PB9.18 PB8.98 PB8.83 PB5.58 PB5.85 PB
ROC_Canada20.15 PB21.68 PB20.85 PB18.12 PB20.49 PB19.99 PB20.35 PB21.51 PB20.83 PB21.28 PB22.44 PB
ROC_LA0.44 PB0.44 PB0.45 PB0.40 PB0.36 PB0.33 PB0.34 PB0.34 PB0.32 PB231.03 TB154.94 TB
Russia9.36 PB9.32 PB9.53 PB9.74 PB9.65 PB9.47 PB9.18 PB9.32 PB9.30 PB9.26 PB9.32 PB
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Chart showing the Cumulative grouped by REGION and DATE (only information about LHC VOs is returned).

Pie Chart showing the share in per DATE (only information about LHC VOs is returned).

Pie Chart showing the share in per REGION (only information about LHC VOs is returned).


The latest update of the summarized tables has been done on 2020-02-19 21:15 UTC.

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